HOUSTON STORM UPDATE - September 5, 2017

Customer Information

Dear Valued Customer,

Although MAUSER employees are still undergoing the process of rebuilding normalcy to their lives after Hurricane Harvey, all MAUSER locations previously impacted by the storm returned to normal production effective September 5th.  These facilities will operate at full capacity until all customers are provided a secure and reliable supply of industrial packaging.

Despite the return to production, all MAUSER locations are now facing supply constraints for resin due to the shutdown of polyethylene crackers in the Texas region from the storm.  MAUSER is taking every step possible to ensure an uninterrupted stream of resin including sourcing material from Europe and Asia if necessary.

In addition, recovery efforts in the Houston area have consumed a considerable portion of the tractor and trailer supply driving prices upward and pushing lead times further out.  MAUSER is working with customers to mitigate these constraints as much possible. 

As Hurricane Irma moves through the Atlantic, MAUSER will monitor its path and prepare and possibly affected sites in advance in order to protect employees, secure the facility, and build inventories with customers in the event of supply shortage due to a storm.

Once again, thank you for your continued support of MAUSER during this monumental weather event.  Please do not hesitate to contact one of our corresponding customer service groups if you have any questions regarding orders or additional information.

IBC Customer Service              256-832-3301

Plastics Customer Service:      630-628-2000

Steel Customer Service:           713-670-2315

Steel Back-up Number:             732-634-6000


Siegfried Weber
Senior VP, Global Sales and Marketing