Your Passport for Safe Shipping.

The Passport IBC is designed to meet the demanding requirements of the North American AG CHEM industry. The IBC comes in a variety of sizes unique to the market place providing you with a more customized volume solution. Each IBC is equipped with an innovalve infrared welded ball valve connection designed for “reuse” and versatility with differing chemistries (threaded ball valve is available as well). In line with the latest EPA Pesticide Regulations, the Passport IBC provides innovative tamper-evidence solutions like a  check valve in the Innovalve and unique air flow lid combinations. The Passport bottle allows for the addition of a unique barrier solution enabling your products greater protection from oxygen and product loss by permeation. All its attributes make the Passport IBC the choice of not only the AG CHEM sector, but for any North American customer looking for a more customized IBC packaging solution.


  EMEA North America South America Asia-Pacific
Main Segments
Agricultural Chemicals
Industrial Chemicals
Paints, Inks & Dyes
Product Range
Passport IBC (Missouri) - 135, 220, 275 gal. - -
Passport IBC (Michigan) - 275 + 330 gal. - -

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