East Brunswick, NJ, USA | August 28, 2017

MAUSER Response to Hurricane Harvey In Southwest USA


MAUSER operations in the Texas region are currently closed due to the devastating impact of Hurricane Harvey. Although all employees are safe and accounted for, many have lost their homes, cars and much personal property. 

MAUSER has mobilized all facilities outside the affected region to address as best as possible customer demand that is normally supplied from our Texas operations.  Many areas are severely flooded making roads impassable and unsafe to drive for days.

MAUSER will continue to monitor the situation and weather conditions in order to prepare for when production facilities will be operational again.

Thank you for your continued support of MAUSER during this severe weather event.  Please know that we are working to provide the most current information to all employees and customers as it evolves.

Feel free to reach out to one of our corresponding customer service groups in case you have any questions regarding existing or future orders.

IBC Customer Service:            +1-256-832-3301

Plastics Customer Service:     +1-630-628-2000

Steel Customer Service:          +1-713-670-2315

Steel Back-up Number:            +1-732-634-6000

The MAUSER family wants to express its deepest thoughts and sympathy to all those struggling during this devastating and catastrophic event.


Siegfried Weber
Senior VP, Global Sales and Marketing