State-of-the-art-packaging for your state-of-the-art-products.

While all MAUSER jerrycans offer ideal features for liquids, our Fassett® was purpose-designed for high filling weights and high stacking requirements. Concerning the individual needs in your production facilities we deliver the perfectly fitting resources you need.

Jerrycans and Fassetts® by MAUSER give you supply-security and world-class quality:

  • blow molded
  • UN approved
  • for liquid filling goods
  • optimal manual handling
  • dimensions fit EURO-Pallets and other standard pallets
  • closure systems for different customer requirements


  EMEA North America South America Asia-Pacific
Industrial Uses
Agricultural Chemicals
Food & Beverages
Industrial Chemicals
Industrial Chemicals
Product Range
Industrial Jerrycan 5 - 60 l - 3 - 60 l -
Lube Oil Jerrycan 4 - 20 l - 3 - 20 l -
Agrochemical Jerrycan 3 - 20 l - 5- 25 l -

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