MAUSER as employer


Professional Values Marked by Fairness are what Count for MAUSER

MAUSER offers attractive job profiles that are often hard to find in our branch of the industry. We of course want to employ only the best people available, and to do that we rely purely on your individual capabilities. When we recruit new colleagues we judge strictly by whether you can do the job; things like sex, nationality, ethnic origins, religious convictions, political views, age or physical disabilities are of no importance whatsoever. Equality of treatment in these regards has even been laid down in our Code of Conduct.

The values that we live and breathe at MAUSER make it possible for people on all corporate levels all over the world to work together successfully. For example, there are four different nationalities represented on our Executive Committee alone. MAUSER’s strong focus on values allows us to promote sustainability and environmental awareness while at the same time advancing your own personal growth. Every single member of the MAUSER staff is systematically supported, encouraged and enabled to move on to more challenging tasks at every level.