Code of conduct

Code of conduct

Your maximum security is our maximum concern.

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Compliance applies under all circumstances and on all company levels.

The MAUSER Code of Conduct is firmly anchored in our corporate strategy. Its strict guidelines apply to every element in the company and affect all of our business operations, providing us with reliable rules for handling monopoly law, anti-corruption, export control and IT security. Strict product and supplier standards are also decisive factors along with global internal audit and risk assessment. A “Zero Tolerance” approach to breaches of the Code is in operation with us.

For any questions please contact MAUSER’s Chief Compliance Officer: 
Dr. Martin Seiling
+49 (0) 2232 78-1000

Key Note: MAUSER E-Auction Policy

MAUSER’s corporate policy prohibits its participation in E-Auctions and similar bidding events. MAUSER has determined that E-Auctions do not properly facilitate the sale of its products and services, which are designed as total product offerings that include new product development, tailor-made solutions, product life cycle and sustainability management. We also have concerns about certain legal issues that are raised by E-Auctions, and MAUSER has a strong policy of strict adherence to the highest legal and ethical standards.